About Me

I have been a sci-fi and space fan since I was a kid.  I enjoy watching the old stuff, it takes me back to happy days I guess.  My friends and I always used to play space stuff.  We even tried to build our own space ships to play in and just have fun.  If we had the technology of today back then we could have made some awesome stuff and even movies. (all we had was a super 8)

I started this page because there is a lot of fans out there of classic stuff plus I can showcase my favorite one's.

Please note, this page is here for fun and nostalgia.  It also freely promotes classic films, tv, books and fan art.  No claim is made to copyrighted works of others and I will always endeavor to credit the owner/artist (if I know it).  If you see something that is unaccredited and know who it is, please let me know.  I also follow several other sites through facebook or tumbler like 70s SciFi Art and The Vault Of Atomic Space which through a wonderful snippet I can share with you here and suggest you follow as well.

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Image by:Klaus Bürgle