I find myself an amateur video creator.  Recently, with a wonderful new editing program and new sources for elements etc, I have come up with some pretty cool stuff.  Here you will find some of my tribute films as well as some practice clips I have been working on!

Silent Struggle is a short story I wrote way back in 1979 as a kid. I have been wanting to turn it into a short film so I recently started working on it. (Plenty of time to do so with these stay at home orders!!) So far I have just the opening done so I thought I would give a sneak peak. I won’t be able to do this all myself because, I admit, I am just not that talented. If anyone would like to contribute I would certainly like that!

The video below is me practicing with green screening and extra elements, turned out good!

All the video’s on this page are © 2020, K Norris.  Some image elements are provided by many copy write free services.  Tribute video scenes are © their prospective owners and are used to showcase and celebrate the productions, no endorsement given.